Higher Education Security Services

Delivering Safety to Campus

Creating a safe learning environment is of utmost importance for any institution of higher education. The students, faculty, and staff expect that potential threats are being addressed and their well-being is being assured. Keeping that promise through university security solutions is the job of ACTS.

Providing campus safety and security at institutions of higher education has never been more challenging. Increasingly stringent government regulations, tighter budgets, internal and external threats, and the responsibility to deliver an exemplary experience, places a greater burden on administrators and security leaders to develop the right university campus security program and partner with the best provider in mitigating risk and fitting seamlessly within the campus community. ACTS collaborates with administrators and university campus security directors to deliver higher education solutions necessary to protect everyone on campus.

Coverage Customization

Drawing upon our extensive experience in highly regulated, public facing, and compliance driven settings, ACTS optimizes our higher education security services for each school. Following an in-depth consultative analysis, the operational leadership of ACTS will develop a program and response plan with tailored university security solutions to drive the performance of our security force and improve their responsiveness.

Visitor Management & Safety Patrols

ACTS specializes in access control. Our staff utilizes best practices from ACTS service to marquee transportation and government facilities in providing in-person and virtual staffing at entry points. The security force of ACTS security force is trained to conduct patrols, both in vehicles and on foot, and escort students, faculty, and staff to their destination. Our diligence in enforcing procedures collectively defined with our client, enables ACTS to maintain the campus perimeter, grant access to welcomed guests, and reinforce campus security solutions.

Friendly, Trusted Officers

From visitor management to residential settings, special events to sports venues, universities present a variety of settings that require security officers who are flexible in their response. ACTS understands the need to align our staff with these requirements. Our human resources and recruiting teams work diligently to find, screen, and hire candidates whose personality, knowledge, and experience allow them to quickly respond when addressing varying campus security service needs.

To learn more about scheduling an evaluation of your campus security services and begin moving towards a safer environment for everyone, contact ACTS.

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