Transportation & Logistics Security

Protecting Property and Assets in Transit

Logistics solutions are never one-size-fits-all. Total customization and decades of experience in logistics security services are the main reasons that ACTS, and our parent company, ICTS Europe, is trusted by more than 350 corporations in over 23 countries, including many of the world’s premier transportations companies.

The security leaders from ACTS will consultatively analyze your security in three key areas:

  • Comprehensive security
  • Labor costs
  • Budget

We use this data to recommend secure logistics services that optimize manpower, costs, and overall security.

Never before have logistics security professionals faced greater challenges. Growing volumes, tighter government regulations, and a variety of threats all require a security partner with subject matter expertise, management prepared to respond, and a logistics security force trained to mitigate risk.

With 20-years of experience as the premier transportation security services provider to aviation, cargo, and logistics organizations, ACTS has a track record and unmatched depth of experience in the industry.

We successfully deliver:

Customized Solutions

Our operational leaders draw on their knowledge of international logistics security services to analyze each company’s security operation and recommend budget conscious solutions, tailored to address current and evolving needs.

Staffing Standards

Throughout our rigorous hiring process, ACTS recruits the industry’s highest quality security officers. Our staff is hired based on their knowledge, experience, and ability to achieve the performance expectations unique to each client site. The right compensation, hands-on training, and management oversight enable ACTS to deliver an exemplary security force.

Management Experience

The operational leadership of ACTS possesses extensive expertise running global logistics security services for marquee transportation organizations. Their first-hand knowledge resulted in ACTS founding its Compliance Committee. Through video reviews and on-site monitoring, our Compliance Committee delivers security services which protect critical infrastructure and products in transit.

Since 2001, ACTS has proudly partnered with global corporations to provide transportation security services.

To review your security program and identify potential enhancements to your operations through a free consultative analysis, contact ACTS.

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Aviation and airport security programs are essential in protecting the traveling public and the critical infrastructure upon which they rely.
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