Global Security Expertise with Tailored Solutions 

Delivering the highest standards of security, developed in the most demanding and highly regulated settings. 

celebrating 20 years of security, safety, and service excellence 

As an ICTS Europe company, ACTS provides our customers with a full suite of security solutions ranging from security staffing to technology, and K9s to training.

Founded after the tragic events of September 11th, ACTS traces its roots to the Aviation and Airport Security industry. For over 20 years, the experienced and highly trained personnel of ACTS have performed aviation security services, including access control, alarm monitoring, cargo screening, and detailed inspections of catering operations. Given the critical infrastructure of the Aviation and Airport Industry in the U.S., ACTS has established itself as the leading protector of the traveling public.

Drawing upon this expertise, the service capabilities of ACTS now extend into security programs for Data Centers, Higher Education, Transportation and Logistics, Government, and Corporate environments. ACTS analyzes clients' security operations for potential threats, designs customized programs leveraging our solutions, and implements attentive security officers to deliver customer satisfaction, contract compliance, and protection for the people, property, privacy, and reputation of their organization.

ACTS is uniquely experienced in delivering security at high-risk and high-profile locations, operating under heavy regulation. We consistently exceed the expectations of demanding, time senstive clients, who value a positive customer service culture, public facing appearance, and uncompromised security.

What Makes ACTS Different


Tailored Approach

We specialize in providing not just any solution, but the right solution to meet your needs. As your partner we work to thoroughly understand your objectives, review your situation, and implement customized solutions which are cost effective and aligned with your goals. ACTS employs a consultative approach to design programs that provide optimal security, high efficiency, and meet your objectives. We build our security management structure and operational support to achieve your vision and exceed our commitments.

Proven Methodology 

With 20-years experience in the United States security industry, ACTS has developed a proven methodology, which ensures delivery of the highest levels of security performance and consistency. Our philosophy is that the key differentiator in the provision of security services is the quality, expertise, and engagement of our agents and guards. This is ensured by the most comprehensive training program, the ongoing professional development of our supervisors, and the leading compliance programs in the industry.


Recognized Industry Leader 

ACTS continuously strives to maintain our position as the industry leader in security practices. Our parent company, ICTS Europe, has been recognized as the pioneer of aviation security approaches since its inception in the early 1980’s and still today. With ICTS Europe and ACTS expanding its expertise into new high-risk, high-profile sectors like Data Centers, Higher Education, Transportation and Logistics, Government, and Corporate settings, we are prepared to offer a unique combination of manpower, technology, K9, and training solutions in addressing clients' business imperatives and risk tolerance.

Leadership Experience 

Our leadership team brings a level and diversity of experience that is unique in the industry with deep expertise in international aviation security, customer service, safety, law enforcement, training, and regulatory affairs. ACTS continually seeks to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry by expanding our business and auditing our practices to maintain our position as the most trusted security provider in the United States.


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