K9 Solutions (3PK9)

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More than man’s best friend.

Through our strategic partnerships, ACTS offers customers elite third-party K9 security teams (Transportation Security Administration (TSA) 3PK9) who are trained to detect, alert, and protect our clients, their people, and property.

Regarded as reliable, cost-efficient, explosive and narcotics detectors in transportation security, airport K9 cargo screening animals are routinely used to screen millions of people, goods, and cargo crossing international borders through airports, seaports, and other transportation hubs worldwide.

ACTS is pleased to partner with two cutting-edge K9 cargo screening organizations in delivering a comprehensive screening solution, combining ACTS’ X-ray, Explosive Trace Detection (ETD), and physical search capabilities with our partners’ K9 aviation teams.

Within the United States, ACTS works closely with Global K9 Protection Group (GK9PG), a veteran-owned and operated third party canine screening company which utilizes video capture and information management software to deploy and drive analytical engagement of Explosive and Narcotics Detection Dogs. Their Alabama-based leadership team is comprised of seasoned K9 security service professionals with expertise in explosive detection and disposal within the air cargo and commercial industries.

Since GK9PG became the first Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) K9 solutions provider to be approved by the TSA , they have grown to become the largest CCSF company in the United States. GK9PG also earned a coveted SAFETY ACT designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for their capabilities in Science and Technology security.

Having conducted over 7-million searches for more than 80 clients across the U.S., GK9PG stands ready to assist ACTS’ clients in identifying potential threats and enhancing their security programs.

Contact ACTS to learn more about our partnership with GK9PG.

Globally, the parent company of ACTS, ICTS Europe, can enhance our clients’ K9 security guarding services with DiagNose Detection Dogs. For customers requiring the detection of illegal substances, whether tightly sealed, deeply hidden, or masked by odor, DiagNose’s K9s are specifically trained to sniff out and alert their handlers.

DiagNose’s K9 Security Services include:
  • REST / RASCargO™
  • Loose cargo screening
  • Inspection of vehicles and people at point of entry
  • Inspection of suspicious objects in and around the terminal building
  • Inspection of HBS baggage, either due to security alert or as additional support during peak times
  • Aircraft screening
  • Patrol of airport security lines to reduce waiting times
  • General deterrence

Through our partnership with DiagNose, an international expert in the provision of canine screening solutions for passive and proactive detection of explosives and narcotics, ACTS delivers uncompromised safety and security. Clients include: airports, airlines, seaports, freight forwarders, government agencies, law enforcement bodies, shopping centers, event organizers and more. Learn more about the delivery of uncompromised safety and security through the K9 solutions at DiagNose.

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