Corporate Security Services

Providing Customized Corporate Security Services

The presence of a highly-trained and skilled corporate security guard deters would-be criminals by sending the message that the safety of our organization’s people and property is of utmost concern. ACTS works with each of our clients to develop a customized security program that is cost-effective and prevents theft, break-ins, personal attacks, and more.

With decades of experience in highly regulated environments, ACTS is the corporate security company that specializes in security, safety, and customer service solutions which safeguard our clients and their most valuable assets – their people, property, and reputation.

ACTS Security is the American subsidiary of ICTS Europe, a global group of security providers. ACTS, along with our parent company, ICTS Europe, provides business security services to more than 350 major corporations in 23 counties. We customize our hiring practices to recruit, screen, and hire a team of security officers who will thrive in your unique corporate setting and align with your culture.

Drawing upon our expertise in high profile headquarters, the corporate security specialists from ACTS will administer access control, patrol your facilities, and deliver to the standards of the operational plan, developed in collaboration with your leadership at the start of our partnership.

Our implementation of best practices, exceptional training, and management oversight will produce high quality, focused corporate security services that create peace of mind for your employees.

As a leading corporate security company, ACTS delivers a free consultative analysis so our operational leaders can better understand your security needs, potential shortfalls, and designs strategies to secure your facilities. Drawing upon our experts’ international security experience, this evaluation will serve as the foundation of our future partnership:


ACTS analyzes your security operation to identify potential gaps and implement best practices from the other global organizations who rely upon ACTS to protect their facilities.


ACTS tailors our operational plan for your industry, location, and service requirements, ensuring our recommendations meet your current and evolving needs, while mitigating risks.


ACTS hires, trains, and deploys corporate security officers to meet the specific demands of your environment, ensuring a timely start to service within your budget perimeters.


ACTS regularly meets with our clients to gain their feedback on our performance, identify areas where our staff could provide supplemental services, and achieve customer satisfaction with contract compliance.

To schedule a consultation of your corporate security services and identify potential strategies for enhancing the safety of your facilities, contact ACTS.

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