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Whether you work for an airline, airport, police force, aviation authority, or a service provider, ACTS can ensure your employees are well versed in leading airport security methods. These tactics were developed by the parent company of ACTS, ICTS Europe, while securing the world’s largest airports over the last 30 years. ACTS has trained security and non-security personnel in the airport environment and in a range of other settings, where the customer wants to enhance their security posture.

Our training is centered around operational knowledge and experience from the field, with a big emphasis on customer service. Our trainers bring decades of experience that help them deliver impactful training which motivates, educates, and inspires participants.

Human behavior analysis is a widely studied science that has earned an important role in the security and protection of airport personnel and passengers. ACTS provides a comprehensive airport security training through Security Awareness with Behavior Analysis and Prediction Screening designed to arm your personnel with the latest in risk detection and mitigation strategies.

ACTS Security Awareness course attendees will learn:
  • How to identify suspicious behavior and other threats to the airport.
  • How to apply different questioning strategies designed to illicit more information from people.
  • How to evaluate and measure a person’s level of risk.
  • Procedures for proper communication and intervention.
  • Increase awareness of security threats within your organization.
  • Understand the importance of customer service in the process of the Behavior Detection Methodology.

To learn more about the training programs which will improve the security awareness of your organization, contact ACTS.

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Aviation and airport security programs are essential in protecting the traveling public and the critical infrastructure upon which they rely.
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