COVID-19 Response Solutions

Flying is Safe

The COVID-19 crisis is dramatically impacting the aviation industry.  ICTS Europe – the aviation security specialists, the Company with Aviation DNA flowing in its veins, is addressing COVID-19 risks with solutions that will boost global confidence that “Flying is Safe”.

Our approach is modular and intended to benefit as much of the Aviation eco-system as possible. From airports, airlines, regulators through to competitors, our objective is a simple one – to address COVID-19 risks through pragmatic solutions and increase global confidence in air travel.

Back in the Air

Learn more about ICTS Europe's initiatives supporting the aviation industry in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

Health Screenings

Health screenings for passengers, employees and visitors are an additional measure to help minimize spread of COVID-19 and help raise the overall health and safety level inside the aviation environment.  The screening process includes:

  • Contactless temperature checks
  • Passenger counts for airlines
  • Safety and compliance
  • CoviDetAct

Learn about ICTS Europe's Rapide Solution, technology designed to quickly determine the body temperature of staff and passengers and promote safe working conditions and passenger travel by identifying individuals who exceed temperature thresholds.


ICTS Europe introduces Passboard, a cloud-based passenger handling solution designed to simplify the passenger experience, decrease manpower costs, and limit contact between passengers and Airline personnel by reducing the number of manual documentation checks.

Learn more about Passboard’s ease-of-use capabilities in serving as an all-in-one health check resource.

Watch how Passboard captures passenger data and integrates with our Airline partners to facilitate a faster, smoother boarding process.


Ready to Go TravelDoc

In the age of COVID as variants evolve, Ready to Go helps travelers navigate the everchanging COVID regulations for check-in and tracking. Ready to Go informs passengers on required documentation, vaccination requirements, and quarantine information for their destination, ensuring a worry-free travel experience.

Understand how ‘Ready to Go’ reduces the complexities of travel to three simply steps, all aimed at protecting travelers.

Social Distancing Enforing Guidance at Airports

An ICTS joint venture will offer new software and live streaming capabilities for use within Airports. The solution combines video analytics software and AI with our operational
presence. Key features include:

  • Geo fencing capability to identify and monitor areas where people gather, or do not adhere to guidelines.
  • Group of people detection capability
  • Enforces containment rules based on required parameters.

Learn about ICTS Europe's Social Distancing Solutions, a unique modular concept which brings together training, advanced AI and software into a managed service model that allows you to meet any new regulatory requirements relating to social distancing and sanitation.