Aircraft Security Services

Dedicated to the safety of your aircraft, flight crew, and passengers.

The safety and security of your aircraft is priority number one.

ACTS has two decades of experience providing aircraft security services to leading names in international aviation. Prioritizing the safety and security of the flight, ACTS has expertise in identifying and mitigating threats and working seamlessly with our airline customers. Our deep operational experience ensures we are coordinated with the airline, and other vendors touching the flight, to offer the most efficient and effective security solutions.

Our experienced ACTS agents provide aircraft security services to ensure every member of your crew, every passenger, every bag, and the aircraft itself are carefully screened and monitored for security, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Our agents are specifically trained to conduct:

  • Aircraft cabin searches and onboard monitoring
  • Aircraft, perimeter and gate access control
  • Positive Passenger Bag Match (PPBM)
  • Screening of personnel to include hand wanding, pat downs and bag search

ACTS has extensive experience providing aircraft security services in compliance with 49 CFR Parts 1544 and 1546. We are also a strategic partner of many industry organizations, including ACI, IATA, ASSA-1, ASIS, and CoESS. Our tenure and involvement in the aviation industry ensure our customers receive timely information on new challenges to the market and an operational partner with the insight and capabilities to quickly respond in implementing enhanced solutions.

To discuss a potential partnership in screening your aircraft, contact ACTS.

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Aviation and airport security programs are essential in protecting the traveling public and the critical infrastructure upon which they rely.
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