Government Facility Security

Delivering Security Solutions for Government Facilities

The government facility security team at ACTS brings years of industry-specific knowledge and experience to the government sector. Our comprehensive list of government facility security services is customized to every client’s specific needs. We have filled our team with experts who bring real world experience to our clients, including former government employees, law enforcement personnel, and security industry professionals. This field experience helps ACTS stay one step ahead of any issues, and most importantly, keep your facility and people safe.
ACTS, and our parent company, ICTS Europe, provide security at government buildings overseen by local, state and federal municipalities, delivering deliver high-profile government facility security at transportation hubs, airports, and other government agencies across 23 countries.

A consultative analysis of each facility entrusted to ACTS is the start of our working relationship. By allowing our leaders to inspect your government building security, we listen to your needs, tailor our operational approach, and propose a cost-effective commitment to deliver an exemplary safety and security program.

From risk management to access control, badging identification to K9 detection, the government facility security team at ACTS aligns with the needs of customers in government agencies. Whether administering government facility security services in total or establishing a partnership with law enforcement, the management of ACTS will customize our approach to meet the challenges of highly regulated government facilities.

Our approach consistently mitigates threats, protects the public, and delivers value to constituents through the following quality assurance metrics:


Dedicated account management from ACTS to partner with each agency and structure security at government buildings, mentor staff, and deliver best practices from other government facilities which we protect.

Customer Solutions

With international security expertise, the management of ACTS will partner with you to assess your government facility security program, recognize potential shortcomings, and design a solution to reduce your risks.

Officer Deployment

ACTS empowers our government building security officers to proactively identify issues, make modifications to procedures, when necessary, and enhance our partnership by implementing the lessons learned in continuous training to stop emerging threats.

ACTS fosters public-private partnerships with government agencies, fitting the needs of each contract and delivering protection for high-profile, high-risk assets.

To learn how ACTS can leverage its expertise in government security to protect your facility, contact ACTS.

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