Data Center Security

Securing Data Centers with Tailored Solutions

Threats to data centers are everywhere, and becoming increasingly prevalent. Seemingly not a day goes by without news of another large corporation being hacked and losing or leaking personal information. Given these threats, data center security is more important than ever. ACTS, and our parent company, ICTS Europe, are trusted by the world’s premier data center companies to safeguard their high-risk, high-profile facilities.

ACTS works with our customers to design and deliver customized data center security solutions that protect their data, ensure privacy, proactively identify potential infrastructure issues, and safeguard their assets and those of the clients they are entrusted to serve.

Drawing upon ACTS’ expertise in managing the security operations for 350 companies in 23 countries, a history which started with our early days in Aviation security, the leadership of ACTS will consultatively evaluate every data center security program through a risk and threat assessment. Based upon their discovery, ACTS will deliver a tailored approach which blends the industry’s highest quality data center security officers with exemplary training, extensive performance audits, and technology. Our solutions will meet your compliance standards, reduce the risk to your facility, and protect your significant investments in infrastructure.

Close to 90% of breaches of data center physical security are caused by human error. ACTS overcomes this ongoing threat with:

Recruiting Strategies

The human resources and recruiting teams from ACTS will identify, screen, and hire officers with a technology background, who excel in identifying and overcoming the challenges of data center security and compliance.

Exemplary Training

E-Lectio, ACTS’ proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), provides specialized data center training, including cyber risk awareness training with testing modules. Monthly drills reinforce the lessons learned and prepare the ACTS data center security force to understand the nuisances of each data center facility and remain alert to phishing, spoofing, and social engineering risks.

Management Oversight

Each data center receives a dedicated Account Manager to lead the ACTS security team and adjust the data center security services as needs change. ACTS’ Executive Leadership and Compliance Committee support the security operation from the initial contact through contract signing into daily operations. Their connectivity with our Account Manager ensures staff are mentored, procedures are completed, and issues are addressed in protecting the critical infrastructure of our customers.

Compliance Through Technology

ACTS’ Video Review program will utilize each facility’s security camera systems to assess and monitor the success of our staff in completing their assigned tasks while offering advice on potential performance modifications.

Data center security requires the right partner. As our global partners can attest, ACTS understands these requirements and will deliver exemplary safety and security programs which minimize the probability of human error and contribute to data protection.

To begin the evaluation of your security set-up and discover how our operational oversight can improve the security of your data center, contact ACTS.

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