ACTS Announces 20th Anniversary Logo

Oct 29, 2021 | News

As ACTS celebrates its 20th anniversary, the organization will feature an additional logo, as shown below, to honor this milestone, acknowledge its new roots, and affirm its mission.

There are a few points of significance reflected within the 20th anniversary logo:

  • ACTS pays tribute to Gate Safe by featuring the same star found within the retired Gate Safe logo. Gate Safe was founded in 2001 by gategroup, immediately after the September 11th terrorist attacks. After 16 years of ownership, gategroup sold Gate Safe to ICTS Europe in 2017. Following acquisition, Gate Safe became ACTS, the U.S. subsidiary of ICTS Europe.
  • Set against a light blue 6-point star, the same star and coloring featured in the City of Chicago flag, ACTS acknowledges the location of its corporate headquarters, Chicago, near O’Hare International Airport.
  • As the American subsidiary of ICTS Europe, the patriotic red, white, and navy coloring throughout the logo demonstrates the commitment of ACTS to deliver comprehensive security solutions and ensure the safety of everyone across the U.S.
  • The phrasing “Celebrating 20 Years of Security Excellence” salutes the dedication and service which the frontline workers of ACTS have delivered over the past two decades.

Look for the new logo to be featured on the corporate communications of ACTS as the company commemorates this milestone over the next year.