K9 Solutions (3PK9)

Providing the safest and most secure environments for our customers.

More than man’s best friend.

Together with DiagNose, ACTS elite third-party canine (3PK9) security teams are trained to detect, alert and protect. Handlers and dogs attend rigorous training throughout their careers ensuring they maintain cutting-edge knowledge and skills.

Often regarded as the most reliable and cost-efficient explosives and narcotics detectors in transportation security, these highly skilled animals are now the largest group of working scent-detection dogs in the world. They are routinely used to screen millions of people, goods and cargo crossing international borders through airports, seaports and other transport hubs worldwide.

The DiagNose/ACTS detection dogs are specifically trained to detect illegal substances whether they are tightly sealed, deeply hidden, or masked by odor.

ACTS K9 Security Services include:

  • REST / RASCargO™
  • Loose cargo screening
  • Inspection of vehicles and people at point of entry
  • Inspection of suspicious objects in and around the terminal building
  • Inspection of HBS baggage, either due to security alert or as additional support during peak times
  • Aircraft screening
  • Patrol of airport security lines to reduce waiting times
  • General deterrence

Through our partnership with DiagNose,  an international expert in the provision of canine screening solutions for passive and proactive detection of explosives and narcotics, we deliver uncompromised safety and security. Clients include: airports, airlines, seaports, freight forwarders, government agencies, law enforcement bodies, shopping centres, event organizers and more. Learn more about DiagNose.

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